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Welcome to Camping & Outdoors Online


Let me introduce you to the newest member of our Camping & Outdoors family! I can easily compare developing the website to having my first child. There are times of challenges, frustration, and moments of ‘what the?’. But then there are the moments that something just works (on the first attempt!) and it is like being rewarded with a burp after a fulfilling feed. The website has grown to be somewhat of my baby, and now it is like it is leaving home, as I set it free into the World Wide Web. But as any empty nester knows, the job of nurturing and supporting your baby is never finished, even after they have flown the coup.

Here is a little walk through of what we have for you.

  • Log in - make a purchase, and the website will remember you next time. The information is secure, and you will have a record of previous purchases. Great for warranty!
  • Leave a review of products. Ever bought something that you would never go camping without again? Tell other buyers how great it is or about other uses for the product!
  • Newsletter – subscribe to our newsletter to get up to date information about products, promotions and subscriber only specials!
  • Blog – Regular articles will be posted to keep you informed and entertained. There are some terrific things coming up, and this is one of the ways you will be the first to know!
  • The Pin it buttonCreate a wish list of items you would love to get as a gift. Pin the image to a board you create on Pinterest and share it with your friends. This way you can create your own registry for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, or just because you want to! You can also drop not so subtle hints on other social media platforms. There is a share button for Facebook, Twitter, email plus many more. Also great for FIFO families who want to show a partner a prospective purchase while away at work.
  • The website is computer, tablet and mobile friendly. Great access to all the products available when you are on the move. Use it to compare prices, get more info, and show a friend.

Go and explore, have a look around. We appreciate any feedback, as everything we post and develop is with you, our valued customer in mind.

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