Favourite Things - OZtrail Ensuite Duo Dome

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Favourite Things - OZtrail Ensuite Duo Dome

Like everyone else, when we first started camping, we started off with the basics, and a wish list that has been fine tuned, crossed off and added to. 

The last trip away saw the upgrade to the OZtrail Ensuite Duo Dome. And what a great addition it was!

OZtrail Double Ensuite - So easy a 6 year old did most of it!

Our 6 year old decided that he wanted to put it up, albeit with a little help from mum. First thing was to lay out all the pieces. Then we read through the instructions.

The instructions were easy to follow and between a 6 year old and myself, we had it up very quickly. 

Once up, and in use, I was left wondering why we hadn't updated sooner! 

There are too many positives to choose what is the best part of having the ensuite duo. Boxes ticked were how fast and easy it was to put up, having a wet and dry area, the spaciousness, and it's strength.

Two families with small children utilised the OZtrail Ensuite Duo Dome. With small children who still need assistance with washing, drying and dressing, there is ample room to assist the kids with these tasks. Either side of the ensuite can be designated to a wet/dry area. The door between the two areas ensures the two areas are private.  The dry area had enough room for two portable toilets, and dressing. Managing to dress kids without wetting their clean clothes meant that there was a lot less washing bought home this trip!

Although we were in a pretty protected area, there were several strong gusts of wind. The ensuite stood up to these gusts like a Queen's Foot Guard; straight and tall, with no sign of weakness. There was no pooling or leaking during even the heaviest of downpours. The dry area stayed dry!

We used the OZtrail Foam Floor Mats in the wet area, and this allows for the removable floor in that area to be saved as a spare dry area floor. 

Overall, the OZtrail Ensuite Duo Dome has been a great addition. 

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