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Buying Australian Made is often associated with the terms quality, genuine, durable and long wearing. Barmah Hats can be easily associated with these terms and many more.  Barmah Hat's commitment to using only the finest materials, including Australian-made leathers, ensures your Barmah Hat will stand the test of time. To ensure that the quality is maintained they now have their own dedicated leather manufacturing factory in Melbourne, Australia. Barmah leather provides quality advantages such as: stunning and unique full grain leathers consistency of colours - every hat will be the same waterproof leathers guaranteed supply of material Barmah Hats is best known for developing the...

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  What is more Aussie then being eaten by the mozzie's on a warm summer evening? Well Bushman Insect repellent of course! Here is a list of reasons why Bushman insect repellent has been a popular product at the store for well over 10 years now. Bushman is proven to be 100% effective hours longer than any other personal insect repellent. There are two types, ranging from 7 hours to 15 hours protection. DEET remains the best and safest repellent active.  Bushman was developed in the tropics and tested in swamps to ensure it is the best in the harshest...

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This January we are celebrating Australian Made, and Australian Owned products! Today we are introducing you to BIOMAGIC! Biomagic range includes waste water treatment, water purification, descaling, water filtration, and cleaning products. I asked the owner Jacquie for a summary of why she loves her products and company, and it sums up why we love them too!"We are a family company and have been operating in Queensland since 1999. Our products including the whole BioMagic range , Ultra WaterPure Range and Nuklean are produced here in Australia.We are very proud of the fact that they contain no Harsh chemicals, no...

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