12V 10 Amp 3 Stage Battery Charger

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Suitable for large diesels, machinery & multiple battery systems

Ready to handle all your battery charging needs

  • Advanced microprocessor controlled 3 stage charging mode - Boost / Absorption/ Float
  • Zero Voltage start - Able to commence charging a completely flat battery
  • Soft Start function with selectable charging amperage output (start-up only)
  • Alligator clamp and ring terminal battery connectors
  • Over charge, short circuit and over temperature protections.
  • Reverse polarity protection with warning
  • LED light and audible buzzer (only operable when connected battery exceeds 2 Volts)
  • Charging status indicators
  • Selectable battery types - Lead Acid, Calcium, Gel
  • Variable Charging current selection 
  • Positive Negative Pulse Charging technology across all 3 charging modes

28 x 17 x 5 cm