Avanti Thermometer Range

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2 Zone Fridge/Freezer Thermometer

  • Wide LED Display screen
  • Wide Measuring range (-40 degrees Celsius to 70 Degrees Celsius)
  • Wireless Fridge and Freezer temperature sensors
  • Transmission range of 60 mtrs in open area
  • Audible and Visual Alarm when temperature reaches set Min and Max
  • Measurement in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • 2x CR2032 Lithium and 4x LR6 AA batteries included

Digital Bluetooth Kitchen Thermometer 

  • LCD Display
  • Bluetooth Smart 4.0)
  • c0mtr Bluetooth Range (in the open)
  • Temperature Range (-25 degrees celsius to 300 degrees celsius)
  • 8 meat settings: beef, lamb, veal, hamburger, pork, turkey, chicken and fish
  • 5 preset target temperatures: Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well Done and Well Done
  • Manually Set a target temperature
  • 1x Meter cord
  • Batteries Included

Simply download the smartthermo app and go!

Digital Steak Thermometer - Foldable

  • Temperature Range (-50 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius) 
  • Choice of Celsius to Fahrenheit display
  • Rotating probe for protection and storage
  • Rugged ABS plastic body
  • Stainless Steel probe
  • Batteries Included