Icey Tek Gel Pack

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  • Larger volume ice packs give a longer lasting cooling effect than using multiple small packs. 

  • Large flat design cools the contents of your ice box very quickly and will not make the contents wet

  • Avoids the water slosh of regular ice, reusable over and over again

  • Our PCM (Phase Change Material) formulation contains non toxic agents to make the thawing time longer than regular water.

  • Freezes in your household freezer in 12 hours, although 24 hours or more is best for longer lasting results.

  • Made from strong polyethylene outer casing that will withstand most of the abuse thrown at it from regular use in your cooler.

  • Food safe and will not taint your food or drinks.

    Available in:

    2kg (2000 ml capacity) - is 31cm x 28cm x 3 cm 

    3.5kg (3500 ml capacity) is 26cm x 40cm x 4cm

    We recommend using at least 1kg of these hard gel packs per 10 litres of cooler volume for 1 to 2 days. For longer trips, you would double the Gel Packs or add the same weight of ice.

    For example: 1 x 2kg Gel Pack would be the minimum for a 25L cooler. 5 x 2kg Gel Packs or 3 x 3.5kg Gel Packs for a 90L cooler.