Companion Primus Thermal Cooker

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Love the convenience of a slow cooker for the curry, rice or pasta dish. But would you prefer not to have it connected to a power source all day? This is the perfect solution. Great alternative to a slow cooker at home, in a caravan, boat or out camping.

Cook a hearty stew, meaty curry or rice and pasta dishes. Simply begin the cooking process and then transfer the cooking pot into the thermal pot and close the lid. This allows you to participate in other activities, continue the road trip, or just relax. Let the retained heat in the food continue the cooking process without the risk of over boiling, burning or over cooking.

  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • 7 litre capacity
  • Continues to slow cook without using a constant external energy source. This means it is low carbon and environmentally friendly and saves on energy costs.
  • Only requires 20 minutes of cooking - locks away to cook using its own heat, while keeping food warm for up to 8 hours.
Package includes:
  • 7 litre outer Thermal Pot
  • Cake tin and 7 litre Cooking Pot with lid and a trivet
  • It is suitable for use with electric and gas stove tops, induction cooker and infrared stove. The included cake tin is specifically designed for use with the Primus Thermal Cooker. It is ideal for cakes, quiches and a variety of other savoury dishes and desserts. Use the cake tin in conjunction with the trivet to add variety to your cooking.