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  • Quokka Run is different from any other running headlamp available in the market. It's a streamlined, USB rechargeable, silicone headlamp that is small and super lightweight at an incredible. 49 grams. As a result of its construction from transparent silicone, when the headlamp is in operation a red halo light effect is created which helps increase your visibility to other road users, making the Quokka Run the perfect running headlamp.


    Dimensions: H: 20mm x W: 150mm
    Weight: 49 grams
    Charge Time: 3.5 hours
    Lumens: 95


    • The 3 sets of LEDs are optimally placed for their individual purpose a spot beam to see by, wide beam for broad ambient light and a red light for night/low light.
    • On it's brightest setting, Quokka Run has a range of up to 100 meters.
    • It also has a dustproof/water-resistant rating of IP65.
    • Pop out the inner pod to access the USB. Then recharge with a PWR Bank or directly with your computer or USB wall charger, no charging cable required.
    • Quokka run uses a Lithium Polymer battery, and takes 3.5 hours to fully recharge.
    • There are 4 modes and 4 brightness settings for each mode. Modes: Spot, wide, combo and red Brightness settings: High, Mid, Low, Flash. Easily toggle between the modes and the brightness levels using the buttons on the Quokka.
    • Plus it's compatible with ModeMaker to allow customisation of the light modes.
    • Quokka Run's body and strap are moulded in transparent matte finish silicone that won't tangle your hair.
    • It's easy to clean and is adjustable to fit head circumferences from 30-660mm.
    • The silicone strap adjusts with a toggle. Once you've found your size you can set and forget or adjust on the fly.