Sidas Foot Care Kit

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    It’s not always a breeze to keep your feet in good condition on your outdoor adventures, but the Footcare Kit from Sidas will make it easier.

    This kit contains everything you’ll need to take care of your feet before, during and after your outdoor activities. It includes anti-friction cream that creates a film to protect your skin, recovery gel for sore muscles, gel toe caps to prevent your nails turning black, toe protectors to stop blisters, toe wraps to ease friction and prevent callouses, and foot protectors for any areas of friction.

    Whether you’re hiking, running, or riding – the S/M Footcare Kit from Sidas is a must for ensuring your feet remain callous and blister free.

  • S/M kit designed for EU36-39 size feet
  • Prevents blisters and friction
  • Soothes impact in your shoes
  • Avoids black nails and friction and between the toes
  • Included: anti-friction cream 15ml, recovery gel 15ml, 2 x gel toe cap, 4 x gel toe wrap, 2 x foot protectors, 3 x toes protectors