Spotters Sunglasses - PIVOT

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  • Gloss Black front with Matt Black temples
  • Softer arms offer more flexibility

What do you get when you cross a tight wrap on the front with soft, flex fit temples?  Spotters signature full wrap protection and all day comfort. 

Pivot was a stand out right from the beginning.  Spotters started with a tight wrap that sits up high on your nose bridge – perfect if you have a high or narrow bridge or high cheekbones.  Then they hand moulded some temples in a traditional shape and fixed them to the frame.  They felt terrible – too tight and confining.  So they pared back the materials and streamlined the temple shape so it would slide on comfortably under your headwear.  Then Spotters injected flexible polymers into the temple materials to add elasticity for all day comfort.  After all this hard work on the shape, they decided to mix things up on the finishes – gloss black front with a durable matt black finish on the temples.  Pivot is so good, it took out the Best in Show award for new accessories at the 2012 Australian Fishing Trade Association expo.