Spotters Sunglasses - RELOAD

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  • Worlds’ first technology
  • Fully encased inter-changeable lenses

The Worlds' First fully encased Crown Glass and CR-39 interchangeable sunglasses allow you to change your lenses for maximum performance

Sometimes, one lens is not enough.  To maximise your visual performance, you may need different lenses for different situations.  Jase got sick of having 3 pairs of sunnies in the car – a Penetrator for low light conditions like dawn fishing or driving on a foggy morning, a Halide to cope with the brightest conditions and give full visual definition and a Nexus for when he wanted to look awesome.  He wondered if we could create eyewear with inter-changeable lenses.  Jase had two things at the top of his wishlist.  One - no levers or anything that made the lenses too complicated to change over.  Two – it had to be available in Crown Glass.

The only way Spotters was going to be able to build Jase’s request was to create a fully encased lens that could be fitted in and out of the frame without levers or screws or anything else that would be annoying to use every day.  So Jase and the design team got to work.  They hand moulded a tight frame wrap to eliminate oncoming glare.  They crafted a spectacular sheath for the individual lenses tailored to fit perfectly in and out of the frame.  To make it one of the most versatile eyewear frames on the planet, we crafted slim arms fit under hats and helmets and adjustable nose pads ensure the perfect fit.  Each lens is individually encased so there are no levers, no scratching.  Just an easy change and instant performance.