Spotters Sunglasses - TRANSFORMER

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  • Adjustable non-slip rubber nose piece
  • Straight arms to slide on easily

 Transformer fuses the adjustable fit of a metal frame with the Spotters signature durability.

Noses come in millions of different configurations.  Wouldn’t it be great to find a sunglass frame that would actually fit your nose – perfectly?  Spotters designed Transformer just for you, inspired by one of our customers who had broken his nose as a teenager and couldn’t get a pair of sunnies to sit right as an adult.  He was too rough on his eyewear to try a metal frame, and there was nothing else out there for him.  So Spotters brainstormed.  They designed an adjustable nose piece out of thermal rubber and made it flexible enough that you could adjust it to fit yourself.  The thermal rubber compounds in the nose piece actually absorb heat and moisture, helping to keep your eyewear in place.  They combined this with a universal fit frame to give you full wrap protection.  If your nose bridge is high, narrow, crooked or non-existent, or you just want the option of fully customising your fit, give Transformer a go.