OZtrail Treksmart Sleeping Bag Range

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This tapered rectangular style is for those who are travelling to colder areas and need extra warmth but don t want extra bulk. MICROSMART Fill - The MicroSmart fibre is made up of two extreme microfibre filaments. Both are finer than silk and less than 1 Denier in weight (1 Denier is the weight in grams that 9 kilometres of the fibre weighs). The MicroSmart fill is a thin ultra-dense layer of these micro filaments, that traps air into micro-cells preventing heat loss due to convection and conduction and acts as a barrier to cold air penetrating. This microfibre technology allows for the most compact carry bag size for a given temperature rating. Soft touch 40D 290T polyester outer shell with water resistant base. Siltec inner lining for soft silk like performance. Eziglide zip guard. Mummy shape. Chest collars for added warmth. Twin draught tubes over zip lines. Four models across a range of minimum temperature ratings. Cap top compression bag included.

TrekSmart 3 (-10ºC,) Weight: 3 x 75gsm. 80/57cm x 220cm, 1.7kg.  Packed size 19cm x 29cm

TrekSmart 4 (-15ºC) Weight: 4 x 75gsm. 80/57cm x 220cm, 1.9kg. Packed size 20cm x 37cm